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Arson is when a fire is willfully or recklessly set on someone else’s land or property, including forest land. The charge of arson typically does not apply to the property

Have you been arrested and charged with a drug-related crime?

Drug crimes are among the most commonly charged offenses in Los Angeles. Any

Narcotics offences range from large-scale drug trafficking to possession of a controlled substance, and they can be either felonies or misdemeanors. Obtaining an

The number of sex crimes in the U.S. is alarming and on the rise. There are a large variety of crimes that fall into this category, which include incest, indecent exposure, rape,

Assault with a deadly weapon, ADW and aggravated assault are all typically the same offense in California and the charge can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. There are

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) as established by California law means driving a vehicle while having a blood alcohol content [BAC] of: 0.08% or higher if you are driving

You have options when facing a probation violation. If you don't fight back, more of your freedom could be taken away from you.

Here are some actions

Theft is one of the common types of crime in the L.A. area. A significant number of citizens are charged with theft-related crimes each year.

If you have recently been arrested

Battery charge in California occurs when there is a willful and deliberate touch to another person that is unwanted or harmful.  This includes kissing, poking, touching

When  law enforcement or government agents use distasteful tactics such as threats, fraud, harassment or even flattery to entice defendants into committing crimes,

Reduction (Felony to Misdemeanor)

A reduction refers to reducing a felony charge to a misdemeanor. This process can greatly benefit the person who has been convicted.

In 2012, the Department of Motor Vehicles reported that there were approximately 196 million drivers in the US, and California fell into fourth place nationwide with

Understanding the Crime of Burglary in California

A burglary is a property crime that can result in a fine and jail time. More than 17,000 burglaries were reported

Expungement (Criminal Record Cleaning)

A conviction can haunt you for years. It can limit where you can get a job and your ability to travel to other nations. But there is good news,

In California, the charge of resisting an officer is closely related to resisting arrest. The law prevents an individual from delaying, resisting or obstructing the work of a

The charge of vehicular manslaughter can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the details. The alcohol level for a DUI driver charged with vehicular manslaughter

Domestic violence crimes are associated with violence toward family members, typically a spouse or child. Domestic violence is one of the most common crimes in the

Are You Facing Firearms Charges?

Illegally possessing, using, or transporting a firearm is a very serious charge. In some cases, you could have broken the law without even knowing it.

When an individual has been convicted of a crime in California, it does not mean that the charge will have to stay on their record. Some convictions are able to be sealed or modified

Do you or someone you know have a search warrant out for arrest in the city of Los Angeles?  If so, it is imperative that you contact an able Criminal Defense lawyer in order to

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